What You Need to Know (Pricing, Timing, Winning, etc.)

Hello there! 

Perhaps you are here because you are considering an epic trip to Minneapolis for the Final Four, in just a few eventful weeks. If you are one of the smart fans who does not want to spend $500 per ticket, then you are in the right place. 

Throughout the season, many fans across the nation have already reserved their place in Minneapolis with their respective teams. Some people reserved 6 places, for themselves and some friends. Props to the fans (Kyle and Emily) who bought out reservations to an Auburn Final Four for $8 a piece. You might have caught up sleeping on that one...We'll see. 

Here is a quick guide to how the pricing will work throughout the tournament. 


1 seeds: $225 to start

2 seeds: $115 to start

3 seeds: $62 to start

4 seeds: $48.50 to start

5 seeds: $25 to start

6 seeds: $21 to start

7 seeds: $17.50 to start

8 seeds: $15 to start

9 seeds: $12 to start

10 seeds: $10 to start

11 seeds: $8 to start

12 seeds: $5 to start

13 seeds: $5 to start

14 seeds: $4 to start

15 seeds: $4 to start

16 seeds: $3 to start

If you have already purchased your reservation for cheaper than this, your foresight has been rewarded! 


When teams are eliminated, the winning team will absorb the losing team's reservation price. In cases of blowouts or upsets within the division, those numbers may fluctuate unpredictably. This is March Madness, remember, and despite our accountant's desires, Madness will ensue. You best option is to buy early (now), as reservations come the Elite Eight phase are expected to exceed $200. 

Good luck, everyone! 

Now that you are READY, BET on your team so you can GO all the way, together!